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Tampere Entrepreneurship Society
Student-led community of driven people

Tampere Entrepreneurship Society (Tampere ES) is a non-profit, student-led open community where diverse people can meet and create their personal network in real life.

Founded in 2014, we consist 100 % of volunteers: ambitious future talents with high enthusiasm, entrepreneurial mindset and the will to make the world a better place. Our goal is to inspire and mix people to make fabulous things happen. Anyone can join our events, workshops and excursions.

If you got interested, join the conversation in our Telegram group and we’ll let you know about our next actions.

Tampere ES is a part of Tribe Tampere. We are heavily involved in organizing Tribe's events, and our headquarters is in the same location.

  • Voluntary

    100 % volunteer based

  • Community

    100 % for the community

  • Entrepreneurial

    100 % entrepreneurial mindset

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When you have questions to ask, please contact us using contact form or via email to board(at)tampere.es or straight to a certain person. E-mail addresses are in form of firstname.lastname@tampere.es
Elisa Lukin
Antti Pitkänen
Vice President & Communications
Juho Mäkinen
Treasurer & Events
Topi Tiilikainen
Campus Manager & Communications
Jarmo Hirvonen
Board Member
Tommi Uitti
Network & Alumni Manager
Samu Isola
Campus Manager
Olli Karipohja
Campus Manager

Get in touch

You may also contact us via email to board(at)tampere.es