Insight 2016


Tampere ES - Insight 2016


Insight 2016 – Insipiration from students to students

Tampere Entrepreneurship Society organizes the biggest and brightest student speaker event in Tampere! The event will be held on the 8th February 2016 in the main auditorium of University of Tampere.

We wanted to organize Insight because we felt there is a need to share inspiration among students.

The speakers are students with a wide range of insights to share – from the science behind learning to building your life from scratch in a foreign country. There’s something for everyone so it doesn’t matter whether you study archeology or nursing, everyone is welcome.

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17:15 – 17:25
Welcome words
17:25 – 18:50
Tommi Valkonen – “What science says about learning and why we should care”
Johannes Malkamäki – “How to influence people to make the decisions you want”
Yuliya Nesterenko – “Shaping Your Future: Transition from Student Life to Employment”
18:50 – 19:20
Coffee break
19:20 – 20:20
Olli Soppela – “How to setup a consultancy company in Zambia”
Pablo Sanchez Hidalgo – “How to sell rocks as pets?”
20:20 – 20:30
Final words
20:30 ->
Afterparty in bar Telakka

Partners, who made Insight 2016 come true: