Insight 2016 speakers 2/5. In this series of blog posts we will present the speakers of our event Insight 2016 – Inspiration from students to students. More information on event page and on Facebook.


Olli Soppela experienced a real adventure in his time in Zambia. Let’s not spoil everything about his adventure in Africa as Olli will tell the whole story himself in his speech at Insight 2016 (make sure you come and listen to his amazing and inspiring story!) but here are a few words about this guy who survived as a champion from an extremely hard situation and managed to do even more good than he had hoped.

Olli studies Environmental Engineering at TAMK, and as a part of practical training, he travelled to Zambia where he worked for an NGO (non-governmental organization) helping local communities with sanitation, for example. He liked working for a good cause and ended up spending way more time in Zambia that was expected of the training, which in part lead to him having quite an extreme experience!

During the time spent working in the NGO, things didn’t go as planned (again, you have to come and listen to the whole story from himself) and he found himself in a tough position and was about to call it a day and come back to Finland. After tackling the biggest obstacles, he ended up founding a consultancy company called Entry Point Africa. It works in Zambia and the main function is coordinating between big companies, organizations and local, small businesses. Although it’s been over a year since he came back to Finland, Olli still keeps contact with the company almost daily.

Someone might describe Olli as an idealist. Labels aside, he is person with a strong passion to make the world a better place. According to him:

“We have all the knowledge and tools to make the world a great place for everyone. So everything I can do to help to shift the trend towards a better world feels really rewarding. Call it ideological, to me it’s possible”

Olli thinks that working towards a better world is ambitious in the sense that the ultimate goal of a perfect world cannot be achieved during his lifetime. To Olli, that’s all the more reason to make a positive impact.

Henni Hakala
Insight project team member