Insight 2016 speakers 5/5. In this series of blog posts we will present the speakers of our event Insight 2016 – Inspiration from students to students. More information on event page and on Facebook.


Pablo Sánchez Hidalgo is a media expert, having experience from many different communication channels. He studies Audiovisual Communication in Barcelona, Spain, and his studies focus on how to communicate ideas and feelings through different media. For this academic year, he traveled to Finland to do an exchange in TAMK, where he studies Media. He decided to go on an exchange because he wanted to experience living alone, away from family and friends for a while, and to see how things are done in other countries. The Spanish consider the northern Europe as something very different from southern Europe with well-functioning services and cold weather to mention some of the stereotypes, and it was the big cultural difference what attracted Pablo.

Although certain parts of cultural stereotypes have some truth in them, they are mostly irrelevant. For Pablo, it’s the individual that matters.

“A good person can always understand another good person. And there’s good people and bad people everywhere”.

Back home, Pablo works in a radio station as a sound designer, and he also has experience from many other roles in radio from producing to hosting. Currently, he works in a Finnish advertising company, making videos and ads. Even though he’s a student, he already has loads of real life working experience from his own field of studies.

When it comes to different media, radio is closest to Pablo’s heart although he enjoys working with all forms of media. “Even if I tried to do something else, I always end up with radio. It’s like an ex-girlfriend I keep going back to”, he says. There’s something special in having only sound as a communicative dimension. When image is removed, something interesting happens in the way people experience things. It’s also slow in rhythm, which is a nice counterbalance for the fast-paced internet.

By participating at Insight 2016, Pablo took on the challenge of trying out public speaking for the first time. He enjoys listening to inspiring and insightful talks himself and thought that it would be interesting to be on the other side of the stage, giving a speech. Of course he has experience of public speaking on radio but it’s different from actually being in front of people and interacting with the listeners. The idea of emotional products had been important to him for some time, so he wanted to share that with the audience.

Pablo is a perfectionist at heart, always aspiring to do better and evolve. Especially for someone working in the creative industry, it’s important to constantly grow and evolve in your work. Seeing Pablo on stage at Insight 2016, there’s no doubt that he is doing just that.

Henni Hakala