Insight 2016 speakers 4/5. In this series of blog posts we will present the speakers of our event Insight 2016 – Inspiration from students to students. More information on event page and on Facebook.


“Passion and determination are two indispensable ingredients of success.” This is a personal vision of Yuliya Nesterenko, and she even uses that in her email signature. And it’s not just words since the quote portrays her attitude towards life really well. She is currently 21 years old and so far she has moved to another continent to study in a university, graduated and got a job of her dreams. If you are looking for a spark of motivation and inspiration, you have to come and listen to Yuliya’s speech at Insight 2016 because she really knows how to get where you want to be.

Yuliya was born and raised in Kazakhstan (which is, by the way, the 9th largest country in the world) in central Asia. When she was 17 years old, she decided to pursue a dream of studying in a European university and found out that Finland has a free education for foreign students (or at least had). She applied to study International Business in Finland and got in.

Yuliya finished her studies in only three years and had her completed Bachelor’s Degree already at the age of 20. During her studies, she participated in many student innovation projects in Demola which is a platform for students to solve real-life problems for companies. Demola staff saw her passion and strong work ethic, and took her on board as an employee.

To Yuliya, Demola isn’t just an innovation platform. It’s a lifestyle, a movement. “It changes the way you think, your mindset and attitude. You almost become a better person because of it: more open-minded and ready to work with different people and cultures”, she says. So there’s more to gain for working in a Demola project than just opportunity to grow your network or to get some work experience.

Trustworthiness, transparency and openness – Yuliya lists these as strengths in the Finnish culture. Also, freedom of speech and the freedom to be who you are the things that make Finland so special. Sharing thoughts and inspiration is important to Yuliya and her big dream is to become a public speaker. Perhaps, Insight 2016 can be an important step in realizing that dream and inspiring others with her own story of life.

Henni Hakala