Circular Economy Club (Tampere)

Circular Economy Club (CEC) Tampere is aiming to involve different social groups into the dialogue and actions that lead to foster transition into Circular Economy in the city and Pirkanmaa region.


The CEC Tampere is an open club for anyone who has interest in sustainability, how to do not just less bad but more good. CEC Tampere aims at attracting different society and business groups to cooperate towards a better circular future, e.g. cities, citizens, entrepreneurs, established companies, start up companies, students, officials etc. In other words, CEC Tampere is organized to gather a diverse and inclusive community united by The Circular Economy as a framework for actions.


CEC Tampere is part of CEC, the non-profit international circular economy network. One of the main goals of CEC Tampere is to enable international communication and exchange of know-how and expertise.


CEC Tampere is voluntarily run by Ilia Fedorov and Tampere Entrepreneurship Society with support of Tribe Tampere community to highlight relevancy of CE for organic development of Tampere. 


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