COmmunity Afterwork & Brunch


Afterwork” is here again after the quarantine and you can join us to meet all who are interested in business and startups. We welcome anyone who is interested in our event, from students and international talents to startups and entrepreneurs and also communities, companies, investors, and officials.


Looking for a networking event, having questions or doubts about your future plans, this is your chance to join us in “Afterwork” events by Tampere.ES and our partners. The event is a warming up for the new series of Community’s events with transformed objectives and contents to help and support the startup and entrepreneurial environment in Tampere. We are hosting the event with snacks, drinks and beverages while you can enjoy the fun games and networking activities we have prepared for you.


Brunch is another community gathering which is here to support your professional and personal growth! Every two weeks we invite you to share brunch with us in a welcoming and friendly community atmosphere! Each time you can meet different and interesting people to talk and network with! Get inspired by other examples and share your own story! Ask questions on how you can get help and support from a spectrum of entrepreneurial services we have in Tampere! Share table and food with your future partners in our challenging startup life!


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As non-profit initiative project is open for donations and sponsorships to improve its operations and provide the best possible experience for our guests.


Zahra Aembaesir

Project team is looking for media & marketing people to join the project team.