Key tasks:

🔸Create the visual concept of Tampere ES’s current and upcoming projects.
🔸Design the marketing materials for Tampere ES’s events and projects.
🔸Complete the visuality of Tampere ES’s brand kit and branding guidelines.
🔸Create and arrange the gallery: photo bank, event poster, pictures collected from different projects, in a nicely presented visuality.


Who we are looking for:

🔸Student (Bachelor’s/Master’s degree) in Tampere.
🔸Basic knowledge of social media, especially in the recommended photo dimensions and quality of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.
🔸Familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.).
🔸Creative. Desire to learn and grow. Responsible, adaptive, fast and focus.
🔸Good communicative and collaborative team spirit.
🔸Ability to work independently and self-organized in time management.
🔸Good communication skills (both spoken and written) in English.
🔸Photography skill is a plus.
🔸Video editing skill is a plus.
🔸Media/Interactive communication background is a plus.


What you can get:

🔸Opportunity to work in an international dynamic team.

🔸Gain more insightful knowledge about Tampere’s startup ecosystem and community.

🔸Hands on experience in different situations and environments.

🔸Build-up your professional skills in Graphic Design, Video Editing, Marketing and Communications.

🔸Attend events and workshops organised by Tampere ES and our partners (Tribe Tampere, Business Tampere (Food is usually provided in those events).

🔸Free coffee is always available.

🔸More friends, more networks, more support and of course, more opportunities.


Commitment is key!

🔸The positions are volunteer-based which require 5-8 hours/week time availability commitment.

🔸Opportunities for internship/practical training and getting some credits (ETCS) from Y-Portfolio, Y-Kampus, Tampere Universities.

Partners & Collaborators

Ecosystems, corporations, stakeholders… Together we can do more and grow bigger. We are also looking for organizations to join our story. 


Contact us to know what’s possible!


Become our partner or sponsor to help the ecosystem grow and be fruitful!