Startup Showcase

The Startup Showcase Project is the biggest showcase event for local startups and entrepreneurs in Tampere region. During the project, there will be stories about the most qualified successful startups and their journeys, from facing obstacles, accepting challenges to accomplishing their achievements in a strong standing position in the startup world.


The main goal of this project is to mapping locals startups to know where they are and helping them with their future business developments. Other than that, within the Tampere startup ecosystem, Tampere Entrepreneurship Society aims to match proper resources among local entrepreneurs as well as become a bridge between startups and the student environment.


The results of this project will ultimately be transferred to the big showcase in Tampere Smart City Week in 2021.


Song Tran (Naveen)

Member of the board
project manager

Showcase project is looking for media (graphic design, video editing) & marketing people to join the team.