About us

Tampere ES is nothing without our doers. Meet the persons who define our future.


JONI METTÄLÄVice President
MARIKA ANNILASocial Media Specialist
SEAN CAPPONEInternational Relations Specialist

Reach us by board@tampere.es or firstname.lastname@tampere.es

Get involved

Our most ambitious projects, such as Sauna Pitching, are powered by the community. Start building the future with us by filling the volunteer form.

Run for the board 2020

Our board for 2020 will be decided in our General Meeting on December 9th. The meeting will be held at Tribe Tampere premises at Pinninkatu 47, Tampere and it will start at 6PM.

Below you can find roles we’re especially looking for and what they are ideally in charge of. Please note that these roles are by no means strict. Roles can be divided or combined, depending on the people elected in the board. We’re looking for an amazing team with great synergies.

  • President: Leads the association of making sure our actions follow our rules
  • Vice President: Develops external relationships and assists the President
  • Treasurer: Takes care of our money and the budget
  • Secretary: Writes meeting memos and updates our member list
  • Webmaster: Develops our WordPress powered website, G Suite, and other IT solutions
  • Marketing: Develops our social media strategy and promotions
  • Events: Makes sure we’re creating amazing events through the year
  • Partnerships: Develops partnerships with other organisations
  • Project Lead(s): Manages our largest projects in 2020: Startup World Cup Finland & Sauna Pitching

If you want to apply to the board, please do so by sending a short introduction about yourself to board@tampere.es.We are interested in who you are, where and what you study, and what you would be interested in doing in Tampere ES. This is no job interview so no need to stress about it though! No hard deadlines.

The application is not mandatory, but it makes you more likely to be elected to the board. Everyone is also welcome to just join the general meeting and apply there!

Find the event in Facebook.